Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Coaliton and Wakeboats: Meeting @10:00AM, Sept 1, 2013 @St-Faustin-LacCarré


The purpose of the message is to invite you a first meeting concerning 1) the Coalition on the modification of the federal legislative framework for navigation on our waterways and 2) boats having significant environmental impacts as is the case with wakeboats.  This meeting will take place at 10:00AM, September 1st at the Parc Écotouristique, Collège Vanier, à  737, rue de la Pisciculture, St-Faustin-Lac Carré (the former fish hatchery site).
In brief, the Coalition's objective is to form an inter-municipal, inter-regional and inter-provincial group to develop innovative legislative recommendations between now and the next federal election in 2015.  These recommendations would modify the Canadian Shipping Act and the Fisheries Act and link the two Acts in such a way that, in the name of protection the marine habitat, it would be possible to impose restrictions on the use of certain types of boats.

This approach is based on the following:
1) The Canadian Shipping Act in its present form is inefficient and ineffective for regulating certain types of boating activity based environmental reasons since a) the primary purpose of the Act is to protect navigation rights and b) it takes up to 5 years from the moment a municipality makes a request for a new regulation and the approval of the regulation, plus a trail voluntary code of conduct must be attempted during the 5 year period;

2) The current government has removed the component of The Fisheries Act that protects the marine habitat;
3) Given the environmental policies of the current government, it is best to adopt a time line for targeting the next federal government in 2015;

4) A small municipality, community on its own, cannot hope to get the attention of the Government of Canada to modify legislation, especially when the modifications include the linking of two Acts.  Accordingly, the inter-municipal, inter-regional and inter-provincial approach is proposed as it would be difficult to ignore such a group.  To this end, the Coalition will be targeting other communities and stakeholders in Quebec as well as in other provinces.
Your comments and expressions of interests are most welcome.
Please confirm your presence by e-mail by August 27th.


Will Dubitsky                                                                      Rémi Cloutier                                          

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