Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Global renewables jobs grow 18% to 7.7 million in 2014– IRENA, .By Andrew Lee, Recharge News in London Updated: Tuesday, May 19 2015

China dominates the global renewables jobs league

China dominates the global renewables jobs league

The 2014 figures from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) put solar PV at the top of the technology employment league, with 2.5m jobs around the world.
The wind industry underpins just over one million posts, with biofuels splitting the two technologies and providing employment to about 1.8 million, says IRENA’s reportRenewable Energy and Jobs – Annual Review 2015.
The study – which covers direct and indirect jobs excluding large hydropower – shows the spreading employment patterns of renewables, with five of the top ten countries for clean-energy jobs now in Asia.
China dominated global renewables employment with about 3.4 million posts, followed by Brazil (934,000, mostly in biofuels), the US (724,000), India (437,000) and Germany (371,000).
Although their share of renewables jobs is slowing, the US and EU are still showing growth.
The US wind sector saw a 43% surge in jobs to 73,000 last year as the sector recovered, while the American solar sector reached 174,000 posts in 2014.
IRENA will today present the study’s findings to the UN Sustainable Energy for All Forum.
The report said: "In the coming years, renewable energy employment growth will depend on the return to a strong investment trajectory, as well as on continued technological development and cost reductions.
"Stable and predictable policies will be essential to support job creation. Finally, in a year when negotiators in Paris aim to carve out a global climate agreement, the broader policy framework for energy investments will also move to the forefront."

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